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2011/Jan 08: J. Rawls, ''Theory of Justice'' (邦題:正義論)

2011/Jan 15: R. D. Putnam, ''Making Democracy Work'' (邦題:哲学する民主主義)

2011/Jan 22: R. Axelrod, ''The evolution of cooperation'' (邦題:付きあい方の科学)

2011/Jan 29: L. S. Vygotsky, ''Mind in Society'' (邦題:なし)

2011/Feb 05: G. Lakoff, M. Johnson, ''Metaphors We Live by '' (邦題:レトリックと人生)

2011/Feb 12: E. Goffman, ''The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
'' (邦題:行為と演技)

2011/Feb 19: L. Wittgenstein, ''The Blue and Brown Books'' (邦題:青色本・茶色本)

2011/Feb 26: A. Bandura, ''Social Learning Theory '' (邦題:人間行動の形成と自己制御)

2011/Mar 05: J. Coleman, ''Foundations of Social Theory '' (邦題:社会理論の基礎)

2011/Mar 12: A. Downs, ''Economic Theory of Democracy'' (邦題:民主主義の経済理論)

2011/Mar 19: A. Maslow, ''Motivation and Personality'' (邦題:人間性の心理学)

2011/Mar 26: J. J. Gibson, ''The Ecological Approach to Visual
Perception'' (邦題:生態学的視覚論)

2011/Apr 02: M. Olson, ''The Logic of Collective Action'' (邦題:集合行為論)

2011/Apr 09: P. Grice, ''Studies in the Way of Words'' (邦題:論理と会話※※)

2011/Apr 16: J. Austin, ''How to Do Things with Words'' (邦題:言語と行為)

2011/Apr 23: B. Anderson, ''Imagined Communities'' (邦題:想像の共同体)

2011/Apr 30: M. Foucault, ''Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the
Prison'' (邦題:監獄の誕生)

2011/May 07: J. A. Schumpeter, ''Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy:
Third Edition'' (邦題:資本主義・社会主義・民主主義)

2011/May 14: H. Simon, ''The Sciences of the Artificial'' (邦題:システムの科学)

2011/May 21: M. Castelles, ''The Rise of the Network Society'' (邦題:なし)

2011/May 28: M. Rosenberg, ''Society and the Adolescent Self-Image'' (邦題:なし)

2011/Jun 04: N. Chomsky, ''The Minimalist Program '' (邦題:ミニマリスト・プログラム)

2011/Jun 11: L. S. Vygotsky, ''Thought and Language '' (邦題:思考と言語)

2011/Jun 18: M. Polanyi, ''The Tacit Dimension '' (邦題:暗黙知の次元)

2011/Jun 25: A. Giddens, ''The Consequences of Modernity '' (邦題:近代とはいかなる時代か?)

2011/Jul 02: E. H. Erickson, ''Childhood and Society '' (邦題:幼児期と社会)

2011/Jul 09: H. Simon, J. March, ''Organizations'' (邦題:オーガニゼーションズ)

2011/Jul 16: J. A. Schumpeter, ''Theory of Economic Development'' (邦題:経済発展の理論)

2011/Jul 23: D. Harvey, ''The Condition of Postmodernity'' (邦題:ポストモダニティの条件)

2011/Jul 30: G. S. Becker, ''A Treatise on the Family'' (邦題:なし)

2011/Aug 06: K. Popper, ''The Logic of Scientific Discovery '' (邦題:科学的発見の理論)

2011/Aug 13: P. Bourdieu, ''Distinction: A Social Critique of the
Judgement of Taste'' (邦題:ディスタンクシオン)

2011/Aug 20: N. Chomsky, ''Aspects of the Theory of Syntax'' (邦題:文法理論の諸相)

2011/Aug 27: P. Bourdieu, ''Outline of a Theory of Practice '' (邦題:なし)

2011/Sep 03: U. Beck, ''Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity '' (邦題:危険社会)

2011/Sep 10: P. L.. Berger, ''The Social Construction of Reality: A
Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge '' (邦題:現実の社会的構成)

2011/Sep 17: N. Chomsky, ''Some Concepts and Consequences of the
Theory of Government and Binding '' (邦題:統率・束縛理論)

2011/Sep 24: K. Arrow, ''Social Choice and Individual Values, Second
edition '' (邦題:社会的選択と個人的評価)

2011/Oct 01: E. Said, ''Orientalism'' (邦題:オリエンタリズム)

2011/Oct 08: G. H. Mead, ''Mind, Self and Society from the Standpoint
of a Social Behaviorist'' (邦題:精神・自我・社会)

2011/Oct 15: D. Kahneman, P. Slovic, A. Tversky, ''Judgment under
Uncertainty'' (邦題:Judgement under Uncertainty)

2011/Oct 22: J. Butler, ''Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion
of Identity '' (邦題:ジェンダー・トラブル)

2011/Oct 29: A. Giddens, ''The Constitution of Society: Outline of the
Theory of Structuration '' (邦題:The Constitution of Society)

2011/Nov 05: H. Simon, ''Administrative Behavior, 4th Edition '' (邦題:経営行動)

2011/Nov 12: E. Goffman, ''Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled
Identity '' (邦題:スティグマの社会学)

2011/Nov 19: J. Bowlby, ''Attachment: Second Edition (Attachment and
Loss Series, Vol 1)'' (邦題:母子関係の理論)

2011/Nov 26: G. Bateson, ''Steps to an Ecology of Mind '' (邦題:精神の生態学)

2011/Dec 03: J. Fodor, ''The Modularity of Mind '' (邦題:精神のモジュール形式)

2011/Dec 10: D. O. Hebb, ''The Organization of Behavior: A
Neuropsychological Theory '' (邦題:行動の機構)

2011/Dec 17: J. R. Anderson, ''The Architecture of Cognition'' (邦題:The
Architecture of Cognition)

2011/Dec 24: R. K. Merton, ''On Social Structure and Science '' (邦題:社会理論と社会構造)

2011/Dec 31: J. Dewey, ''Experience and Education'' (邦題:経験と教育)
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